Video and Photography

Southern Commercial Divers have an extensive range of quality underwater digital still cameras and top of the range video cameras and recording systems.

Their Video footage is captured using a helmet mounted Camera so that it does not interfere with the Diver and the live feed to the surface can assist clients and supervisor in instructing the diver. The footage is also captured for future viewing. Still photographs can be captured either from the Video footage or from a separate device.

Their years of experience in this field makes them highly sought after for this type of work. Some of their clients include: Sydney Water, BlueScope Steel, BHP Billiton, marine insurance companies, numerous different Councils and Government Departments, NAVY and many more. 

Uses for Video and Photography have included:

Potable Water Supplies
Bridge and Wharf Piles
Waste Wash Tanks
In Water Surveys
General Inspections
Town Water supplies
Fire Service Tanks
Saltwater Inlet Channel
Salvage work