ROV Inspections

Southern Commercial Divers pride themselves on constantly ensuring their technology is updated and performing to the best of its ability. They conduct Underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Inspections allowing them to have the ability to capture high quality still photography and video footage using their VideoRay ROV. Southern Commercial Divers use a PRO3 XE GTO ROV model. This model has GTO thrusters which propel the VideoRay to speeds up to 4.1 knots which makes it the most powerful ROV in its class. It also has a manipulator arm for object retrieval or intervention.

Their ROV system has the benefit of being small and easily deployable.  It is easy to operate using wired or wireless game-like controllers and is perfect for quick inspections or where access for a Diver is not suitable or too dangerous.

Some of the Inspections it has been used for:

Potable Water
Town Water Supplies
Fire Service Tanks
In Water Surveys