Potable Water

Water is essential for life and is important to our day to day activities and health. Our dependence on clean water means that any contamination to our water supply can have detrimental effects to our safety and well being.

Southern Commercial Divers have a team of specialised divers, crew and equipment dedicated to Potable Water inspections, cleaning and maintenance.  They have experience working with fresh water clarifiers, filters and reservoirs. The team carries out service while the water containment unit is in full operation in order to eradicate the need to drain any water.  This also eliminates wastage of drinking water and does not effect the supply of water to the community.

The Divers wear full helmets and dry suits to prevent any contamination to potable water.  Sanitation is assured by the divers being decontaminated and washed down with a mild chlorine solution prior to entering the reservoir. This mitigates against contamination of the water and minimises health risks to the diver.

The team have specially dedicated potable water diving suits and equipment (eg. purpose made vacuums) for use in fresh water. The equipment is disinfected and sanitised before and after each use to avoid introducing any bacteria or impurities to the water.

Southern Commercial Divers have completed major works for Sydney Water, ensuring the purity of water for millions of Australians.