Environmental & Contaminated Water Diving

Waste water treatment plants are responsible for the collection, treatment and disposal of domestic and commercial waste water.  Southern Commercial Divers provides services to waste water facilities for the maintenance and preventative maintenance of their water and sewerage treatment plants. 

Southern Commercial Divers adhere to the strict protocols and procedures regarding waste water and sewerage treatment plants in order to prevent contamination within the treatment facilities. The Divers are equipped with specially designed Kevlar suits and AH3 helmets for their safety.

The team carries out inspections, recovery operations and maintenance on pumps and pipes for high profile clients, such as Sydney Water.

We have 2 complete sets of environmental diving equipment for working in contaminated water. This includes a variety of Drysuits and Helmets. This is suitable for work in:

  • Sewerage treatment plants
  • Clarifiers
  • Cooling towers
  • Reservoirs

Southern Commercial Divers have completed projects with

Sydney Water, Coniston
CRM, Port Kembla
Bluescope Steel, Whyalla
BHP, Newcastle