Underwater Cutting in NSW

Southern Commercial Divers have extensive experience in underwater cutting of piles and underwater demolition in diverse environments available throughout New South Wales. The team have the equipment to cut through materials such as timber, steel and concrete. 

Their cutting jobs have included:

  • Cutting a pylon from inside its centre in zero visibility conditions.
  • Demolition of the collapsed Wellington Bridge, this project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule.


    Underwater Blasting in NSW

Southern Commercial Divers have the WorkCover Certifications to use explosives underwater.

Their blasting jobs have included:

Underwater blasting in NSW

  • Drilling of old wooden piles and placement of charges at Base to allow pile to come out of the rock socket. 
  • Drill and blasting of concrete around pile and HMAS Creswell and replace piles the concrete.
  • Blasting with Westham Dredging for the deepening of Port Kembla Harbour including underwater drilling, placement of explosives and shape charges. 
  • Blasting away damaged concrete on the Coal Berth, Port Kembla when it was being constructed. 
  • Removal of large rocks at Kiola Boat ramp.
  • Cleaning shackles and chains at Pioneer Quarries Bass Point.

Underwater blasting and underwater cutting in NSW