Cable Laying

Southern Commercial Divers has a jetting pump that pumps 140 gallons of water per minute at 140PSI, which creates an ideal environment for laying cables.

They have completed a number of projects in cable laying around NSW. These include:

Burrill Lakes
Greenwell Point for Telstra
Allen's Creek
HMAS Creswell

Pipe Laying

Southern Commercial Divers have over 40 years experience in underwater pipe laying. Some of their pipe laying projects include:

Mildura River - 2 x 300mm of pipes across the river, this dual pipeline was jetted into the river bed 2m then back filled.

Wollongong Continental pool - 2 x 60m new water intake pipes laid out to sea, these were rock bolted down and saddles put on them.

Shellharbour pool - cast iron water intake pipes rock bolted down and covered with concrete.

Shute Harbour to South Mole Island - laying underwater cable at a depth of 60m.

Port Kembla pool - extension of the north pipe line 10m to sea. Rock bolted every 50mm. Cast Iron pipe.

Narooma Inlet - 100m power cable placed across the bridge at Narooma inlet, pipe jetted in 1m then covered with bags of concrete to hold position because of fast underwater current.